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Welcome to my blog. My name is Leonard Krishtalka I’m the author of award-winning essays, the acclaimed book, Dinosaur Plots, and The Harry Przewalski mystery series. As a paleontologist, I have worked throughout the fossil-rich badlands of the American west, Canada, Patagonia, China, the Afar region of Ethiopia, and the Turkana region of Kenya.

In the Harry Przewalski mystery series, beginning with The Bone Field, Pittsburgh private detective Harry Przewalski unearths sex, treachery, and murder buried beneath the science of petrified shards, skin, and bones. The second novel is Death Spoke due November 2019. The third novel in the series is The Camel Driver, due summer 2020. 


Welcome to my Blog. In addition to information about my books, you’ll find posts about topics of interest to me.


“…and some run up hill and down dale, knapping the chucky stones to pieces with hammers, like so many road-makers run daft. They say it is to see how the world was made!”

Sir Walter Scott, St. Ronan’s Well, 1823


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